We export, with 50+ years of knowledge and experience,
to more than 50 countries.

“AYS Proje A.Ş” which is a part of the “Aytekin Group” was active in the Turkish industry since 1968 and has integrated his experience of 50+ years with advanced production technology. “AYS Proje”, which aims to produce ‘’professional solutions in modern greenhousing’’, has become “Turkey’s Greenhouse Production Center” with an annual greenhouse production capacity of 1,000,000 M2.

AYS Project provides to the investors services in turnkey deliveries of Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses, Soil-based Agricultural Greenhouses, Polyclima Greenhouse Projects, Seedling Production Greenhouses, Ornamental Plant Production Greenhouses, Banana Production Greenhouses and Animal Livestocks.

• Respect to the community and the environment
• Customer-oriented
• Scientific
• Change and development
• Trustworthy

VISION: To become the leader modern greenhouse project producer that is an indispensable brand with its creativity, technology and quality and that ensures the constant customer satisfaction

MISSION: To fulfil the expectations of the customers completely with our creative and expert staff, to create solutions for the future by thinking about the future expectations of the people from today with our visional point of view having regard to the world population and natural resources and provide benefit to the people

In consideration of the decreasing resources and increasing
world population, producing of technological solutions to
the nutritional problems of people all over the world in
an environmentally sensitive way, with resources that can
be converted efficiently by using knowledge, skills and
energy, developed by the expectations of the society and
customers, solving of this problem at the beginning firstly
in our own country and then worldwide, and then placing
new investments to create workplaces, to work out the
needs of the needs and expectations of the customer, to
lead the future, to provide information to the institution, to
process the information and to transfer the information to

Providing the solutions and services that meet the
expectations of the customer segments,
To ensure the continuity and sustainability of the
institution, organizing of activities which increase the
personal qualities of our employees and the environment,
increasing the knowledge and skills and satisfaction of the
employees, ensuring full customer satisfaction.

Soilless agriculture greenhouse

We are Turkey’s leading company in greenhouse construction

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Soilless Agricultural Greenhouse

Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses

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Soil-based Agricultural Greenhouses

Banana Production Greenhouse Installation

Banana Production Greenhouses

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Seedling Production Greenhouses

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AYS produces polycarbonate and polyethylene covered greenhouse systems for professional producers of special section profiles, accessories and equipments
used in modern greenhouse systems. The AYS Project Planning Department evaluates for the correct project the requirements of the region, product type and customer specific requirements and prepares the ideal project. According to the project, the construction elements are manufactured in our factory and brought to “ready for installation” level. The complete production of pipes, profiles and fasteners in the factory, has enable a flexible production capability, quality control and increased production speed.

AYS has developed for Turkish agriculture solutions with its
technical staff that are specialized in the sector, and with
the annual provided budget for research and development.
All the systems we’ve developed are designed in three
dimensions environment with the computer. The system
analyzes and simulations are done then after.
Our engineers are constantly carrying out development
activities for the most economical and efficient solutions by
taking customer expectations into account.

We know that our references are the best marketing;
therefore the after-sales service is very important for
AYS. For this reason, we do not have only understanding
of service, we are not only limited to meeting customer
expectations, but also provide preventive and developing
services with periodic checks. Our periodic inspections
enables our quick response capability, our within the
warranty and after warranty repairs, our ability to provide
all kinds of spare parts, to ensure that our projects are
sustainable and that our customers are safe.

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Greenhouse Construction systems

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